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Incremental settlement is an initiative of Afesis-corplan

MLS Contents

Module 5 explores how you can work with government to upgrade what you have been able to achieve up to now.

The following steps are involved in the upgrading phase.

  1. Upgrade tenure
  2. Upgrade services
  3. Upgrade facilities
  4. Upgrade access
  5. Upgrade house
  6. Financing upgrade

Decision questions: After working through this section you should be able to answer the following questions:


Exercise 1:

Read phase 4 on upgrade

If you part of a group, discuss amongst yourselves what you take from this section as important and /or interesting. If you doing this alone, spend a few minutes reflecting on what you have read.

Exercise 2: tenure upgrading

Read Pamela’s story on upgrading tenure found here

The following are different steps in the land transfer and tenure upgrading process. Put them into the order they would be followed to upgrade tenure:

(a) The conveyencer opens a township register at the deeds office that shows individual erf (property) numbers.

(b) The Surveyor General approves the general plan and returns it to the land surveyor.

(c) Households get title deeds to their individual property.

(d) A land surveyor goes onto site and measures in detail each individual plot that was created in the basic development phase.

(e) The conveyencer transfers property to individuals at the deeds office.

(f) The land surveyor produces a general plan showing each individual plot and submits this to the surveyor general.

(g) The land surveyor gives the general plan to the Conveyancer.

See the suggested responses section and compare you response to those suggested.

Exercise 3: services

Read Pamela’s story on Upgrading services.

What did Pamela’s group upgrade their services from and to?

See the suggested responses section and compare you response to those suggested.

Exercise 4: house

Assume that some of Pamela’s neighbours built houses on their plots in the following way:

What options does each neighbour have for how they can upgrade their house using government housing top structure subsidy funding?

When making choice consider the following:

See the suggested responses section and compare you response to those suggested.


Assignment 1: housing subsidies

Read the following two chapters of the housing code

Reflect on and/or discuss in your group which of these two subsidy methods you think is most appropriate for your situation. Would it make sense to combine the two approaches? For example, get the municipality to use the UIS for the services and tenure, and 2) get an NGO / government to help you upgrade your top structure using the PHP.

Assignment 2: Upgrading advice and support

Set up a meeting with the municipality to discuss how your neighbourhood can be upgraded from your basic product to an improved product. Consider inviting the following departments to this meeting:

Share with them your thoughts on how the upgrading of your neighbourhood can be done.

Assignment 3: tenure

Hold a meeting with your neighbours and discuss if individual title is the best option for your neighbourhood. Consider other forms of tenure like:

When making a decision, take into account the following (and other) questions:

Weight up the advantages and disadvantages of each option

Assignment 4: services

Set up a meeting with the engineering section of the municipality and ask them to advise you on what upgraded level of services you should consider.

Also ask them to advise you on who would be the developer for upgrading these services. Note that if the municipality does not own the land it may be harder for you to get them to be the developer.

When making a decision take into account the following questions:

Assignment 5: house

Get an architect or house designer to meet with your group. Invite someone from the municipalities building and housing department to this meeting.

Ask them to advise you how best to upgrade your house:*Knock your existing house down and start again

If you do decide to add to your existing house, find out if the government will approve the house. For example, government may not approve the house if the housing subsidy money is used to build a wall onto foundations that have not been checked and approved by government.

When making a decision consider the following questions:

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