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Incremental settlement is an initiative of Afesis-corplan

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Module 7 provides you with an opportunity to reflect on all that you have learnt and done and share your experiences with others.

Decision questions: After working through this section you should be able to answer the following questions:


There are no exercises as this is a time for you to reflect on your own experiences and thoughts.


Assignment 1: iCwili experience

Watch the DVD on the iCwili experience (Still to come)

What lessons can you draw from this DVD for incremental settlement?

Assignment 2: main lessons

For each stage of the incremental settlement approach - 1) bulk, 2) basic, 3) self development, 4) upgrade, and 5) maintenance and improvement – what one or two things stand out for you per stage that you have learnt?

From all these points, what is/are the one or two most important lessons you can take away from this process?

Assignment 4: Suggests improvements to self study material

After having gone through these exercises (and assignments where appropriate), are there any improvements you think can be made to how the self study material is presented?

Use this response section to inform Afesis-corplan, the managers of the Incremental settlement website on how you think the self/ group study material can be improved.

Assignment 5: share experiences

Find ways to share your new knowledge with others.

Some ideas to get you thinking:

Assignment 6: start a incremental settlement group

If you are not part of a group looking for land and housing, find an existing group or start your own group. Use this incremental settlement material to help this new group find its way through the incremental settlement process.

Assignment 7: Participate in networks

If you already are part of a group, find other networks of similar organisations and discuss how you can work together to jointly achieve your common objectives.

Assignment 8: Lobby government

Alone, as a group, and as networks find every opportunity you can to lobby government and other organisations to support the incremental settlement approach. Draw their attention to this website to raise their awareness and understanding of the benefits of such an approach.

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