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Ways of contributing

There are broadly two ways of contributing to wiki pages:

How Incremental settlement wiki pages are structured

The Wiki pages are broadly groups into the following types of pages.

Process pages

These pages provide a broad overview of the incremental settlement process.

Sector pages

The sector pages go into more detail and depth in relation to the different sectors that are involved in the incremental settlement process. Most new information will be added to these sector pages.

Story pages

These pages outline the story of Pamela and how she and her community follow a managed land settlement process following all the phases and stages.

Self study pages

These pages provide exercises and assignments for people individually or in groups to follow to learn more about incremental settlement.

General pages

These pages, such as this page, relate to pages that are not part of the above categories.

Editing the Wiki pages

To learn more about editing wiki pages visit this site.


If you have any comments, questions, thoughts or suggestions for additional information please share them with us by using the comments page.

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