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Incremental settlement is an initiative of Afesis-corplan

MLS Contents



This incremental settlement self study material is broken up into the following modules:

The modules are based on the Incremental settlement process as described here.

Each module has provides exercises and assignments to help you learn more about the incremental settlement approach.

This material is targeted at community leaders.

The exercises are designed for you to work through as part of a group. You can however go through the exercises by yourself.

If you are a real community the assignments are there to help you work your way through the incremental settlement process.

To follow the modules you can either:

Using the material (alone or as a group)

These modules are designed either to be worked through as an individual or as a group.

If you are working as a group, read the material on study circles here before starting module 1.

If you are working alone you can start module 1 and skip this section on study circles, or you can find other people who are also interested to learn more about MLS and set up a group with them.

The exercises are designed to help you learn and get a better understanding of the incremental settlement process.

If you are involved in a real life attempt to get and develop land for settlement purposes for yourself and others then the assignments will help you through this process.

The Material

Throughout all these self (or group) study exercises you will make use of the following material:

Start the modules

Click here to start with module 1 - The development process.

You can also, on each page, click the appropriate next module at the bottom of the menu to the right of each page.

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