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Take a look at [[what you can do on this site]] to see what other things you can do on this wiki.  
Take a look at [[what you can do on this site]] to see what other things you can do on this wiki.  
<!--Visit [[old pages]] to find links to old pages.-->
Visit [[old pages]] to find links to old pages.
Incremental settlement []
Incremental settlement []
== Comments ==
== Comments ==

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Incremental settlement is an initiative of Afesis-corplan

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Introduction to wiki pages

Welcome to the incremental settlement wiki.

An incremental settlement process can be broken into five phases. Each of these phases is broken into a number of activities. Click on the links below to take you to a list of the activities per phase.

Phase 1: Bulk Preparation

Bulk Preperation

Where government and communities identify, obtain and get land ready on which incremental settlement can occur.


Developers have approval to undertake an incremental settlement project on an agreed piece of land.

Phase 2: Basic Product

Basic Product

Where government, and/ or communities provide a basic level of service and tenure security so households can start to build houses for themselves.


Households have moved onto an agreed plot within the broader piece of land and have access to basic services and basic tenure.

Phase 3: Aided Self Development

Aided Self Development

Where households start to build their own houses using their own resources


Households are living in houses they are continually improving using their own resouces and, where possible, are using their land for other economic activities (e.g. gardening and small business.

Phase 4: Upgrading


Where government and others help households to upgrade their tenure security, level of services and house.


Households have individual title (or tenure of their choice) and are living in houses and an environment that has been upgraded to a higher level of service and quality using government subsidies.

Phase 5: Maintenance and Improvement

Maintenance and Improvement

Where housholds, communities and government continues to maintain and improve their houses and neighbourhoods.


Households and government are continualy improving the public and private spaces within the neighbourhood.

Using and contributing to the wiki

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Take a look at what you can do on this site to see what other things you can do on this wiki.

Incremental settlement [1]


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