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“How can the land access and settlement development process for in-situ and Greenfield incremental settlement development be simplified?”

This is the challenge posed by the incremental settlement website to role-players involved in the land access and settlement development process.

The land access process tends to be very complicated, takes a long time and costs a lot of money. There are often many rules and regulations that need to be followed and a large number of role-players are involved. It also often costs a lot of money to implement. In short it is very complicated to understand and implement.

This simplicity challenge is based on the concept of simplicity as outlined in the book [Simplicity], written by Edward de Bono, Penguin Books, 1999.

You can make use of some of the simplicity principles and tools that are outlined in this book. A short summary of these principles and tools can be found in this simplicity summary

Remember that simplicity is not:

Organisation and individuals are invited to submit proposals for how they think identified aspects of the land access and development process can be simplified. Please submit one application for each simplicity suggestion. You can submit as many suggestions as you like.

You simplification proposal (and any questions) should be addressed to Afesis-corplan via

Thee is no closing date for submissions. All submissions (as long as they satisfy basic quality conditions as determined by Afesis-corplan) will be placed in this section on simplicity examples.

It is recommended that you use the following format for each submission, but you can submit in any format you like.

1. What process/ task is too complex?

2. Why is this process/ thing is complex?

3. How can this process/ thing be simplified?

4. What benefits arise from this suggestion and for whom?

5. What are the challenges to implementation & how can these challenges be overcome?

6. What are the practical steps in implementing the simplification suggestion?

7. What is the name of the person submitting and their contact details? (This is optional. Names will not be displayed unless requested)

At some stage in the future Afesis-corplan may arrange for the submissions to be evaluated and a winner or winners announced.

The following are criteria can be used to evaluate submissions:

1. How key is the issue/ process that will be simplified

2. How complex is the issue/ process to be simplified

3. How simple is the suggested simplification solution (both in its execution and in its explanation)

4. What impact/ effect does the simplification suggestion have on improving land access

5. How effective is the suggestion in achieving its objective

6. How practical is the suggestion to implement

Afesis-corplan may produce a report for circulation that draws on these simplicity suggestions.


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