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Incremental settlement is an initiative of Afesis-corplan

MLS Contents

UPDATE (24 August 2017): This update page is not being regularly Updated. To find more recent updates see Afesis-corplan's managed Land Settlement page.

UPDATE (30 September 2016): The following broad recommendations where made in Afesis-corplan's submission to the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality's (BCMM) call for stakeholders to submit their development needs and priorities so as to inform the BCMM Integrated Development Plan (IDP) review process that will inform revisions to the BCMM - 2017/18 IDP.

UPDATE (27 September 2016): On 27 September 2016 Afesis-corplan hosted a land rights enquiry roundtable discussion to unpack and share experiences on how to conduct land rights enquiries.

UPDATE (September 2016): Afesis-corplan (with the Support of Siyabu Manona, Mike Kenyon, and Dr. Rosalie Kingwill) conducted research for the Housing Development Agency on Rethinking Communal Land Administration. To access copies of this research click here

UPDATE (30 August 2016): Afesis-corplan gave an input on Preempting the need for unauthorised land occupation at the Public Interest Law Gathering on 30 August 2016 calling for a shift away from the RDP (depth) approach to housing towards more of a width (incremental settlement) approach to housing, arguing that it is a more equitable and dignified way of achieving the progressive realisation of the right to housing (see section 25 of the constitution ).

UPDATE (30 August 2016): Afesis-corplan (with the support of CS Consulting and the Socio-Economics Rights Institute of South Africa ) conducted research for the Housing Development Agency on Managing and Curbing Unauthorised Land Occupation. To access copies of this research click here

UPDATE (19 August 2016): Afesis-corplan has made three submissions to Parialaments High Level Panel on Key legislation. See here for more information on these submissions.

UPDATE: (16 July 2016) Sixteen civil society organisation in the Eastern Cape have submitted a Spatial Planning and Land Use Management (SPLUM) petition to the provincial government making recommendations for what they would like to see in provincial SPLUM legislation in future. To find out more about spatial planning and land use management click here.

UPDATE: (June 2016) The Buffalo City Integrated Agricultural and Rural Development Strategy was developed in 2012. As of June 2016 this strategy has not yet been formally adopted by the metro.

UPDATE: (April 2016) Copy of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Housing Allocation policy.

UPDATE: (December 2015) Presentation on Incremental Settlement Development: between a shack & a BNG house given at a Sustainable Human Settlements, Spatial planning and Economic Development symposium in Durban on 3 December 2015 organised by the G & Y Training Institute

UPDATE: (November 2015) Check out an evaluation conducted in 2010 on Towards Managed Land Settlement: A Review of 5 South African Case Studies

UPDATE: (October 2015) Information on the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) 16 of 2013 can be found here. SPLUMA is a very important component of the process of accessing land for incremental settlement.

UPDATE: (October 2015) Information from research conducted by Afesis-corplan on Accessing Bulk Land for incremental settlement can be found at Accessing Bulk Land

UPDATE: (September 2015) The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is conducting provincial workshops on the Policy Framework on a Coherent and inclusive Approach to Land for Human Settlements. This Policy framework will feed into the national governments proposed new white paper on human settlements. Contact the HDA for more information.

UPDATE: (August 2015) A copy of a presentation to Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Human Settlements on Managed Land Settlements (MLS) can be found here.

UPDATE (26 June 2015): Information related to the draft Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Upgrading of Informal Settlements Policy and Strategy can be accessed here

UPDATE (15 June 2015): Managed Land Settlement (MLS) is finally being considered by the South African Government as a possible mechanism to speed up the process and increase the numbers of people accessing land for human settlement. The Housing Development Agency on behalf of the national Department of Human Settlements produced a Draft Policy framework on a Coherent and inclusive Approach to Land for Human Settlements, towards the end of June 2015. The development of this ‘Coherent and Inclusive Approach to Land’ is one of the deliverables identified in Governments Medium Term Strategic Framework 2015-2019: Outcome Number 8: Sustainable Human Settlements and Improved Quality of Household Life.

UPDATE (2014): To watch an animated film on Thandi's Managed Land Settlement story click here.

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